The Run Falls Short for KXIP

3 balls to go. 1 run to win. Tell me you didn’t see KXIP winning from here. I secretly hoped for a super over but I didn’t expect to see it play out. This match was the very definition of a rollercoaster ride filled with the ups and downs for both, the Delhi Capitals and … Continue reading The Run Falls Short for KXIP

The Kings Rule

CSK break the jinx but MI still can't. Mumbai Indians haven't won their first IPL game since 2012, which was almost an entirely different era when Sachin Tendulkar still actively played. CSK managed to beat MI after several unsuccessful outings in recent times but no novel occurences for Mumbai at least. The TeamsThe team selections … Continue reading The Kings Rule

5 titles? Mumbai Indians IPL Preview

Welcome to the objective IPL preview series! Yes, the IPL is back. Fans - no checkIn India - no checkNo major pandemic plaguing the world calling for numerous safety procedures - no checkEpic Entertaining Cricket - CHECKWhat with all the problems this year, I can only be glad that the IPL is happening. So now … Continue reading 5 titles? Mumbai Indians IPL Preview

The US Open – A Preview

US Open Preview-Could it be the beginning of the End for the Big 3-Coronavirus Concerns Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal. Novak Djokovic. Three sensational players who have been absolutely dominating the tennis scene since almost 2 decades. Just imagining the sport without these legends is like imagining a sky without stars - unimaginable and heart breaking. … Continue reading The US Open – A Preview

How Sport is Battling the Coronavirus Infection

The Olympics have weathered massacres, terrorist attacks and even bomb blasts, but this year, the OLYMPICS have been scrapped due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The only other things that have ever got an Olympics cancelled were the World Wars. So, the Coronavirus is a WORLD WAR EQUIVALENT THREAT (or potentially worse). The Coronavirus has not … Continue reading How Sport is Battling the Coronavirus Infection